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Brand New Home Decor

  • from $16.00

    Whitewash Bird on Stand

    Whitewash Bird on StandChoose from one or both of the available sizes:Large - 12"HSmall - 8"H

  • from $13.00

    Ceramic Dyed Bird

    Ceramic Dyed BirdChoose from one or all of the three available sizes:Large - YellowMedium - CoralSmall - Green

  • from $64.00

    Copper Lantern

    This elegant copper lantern brings a rustic charm and timeless allure to any space. Its graceful curves and softly aged finish evoke a sense of nos...

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  • from $20.00

    Flower Carved Wood Box

    Flower Carved Wood BoxChoose from one or both of the available sizes:Large - 9.5"W      (9.5"W x 6.25"L x 4.5"H)Small - 8"W         (8"W x 5.5"L x ...

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  • $74.00

    Clancy Tray

    The Clancy Tray comes in a set of two trays of identical size. These circular trays have a black metal basket that surround the wooden bottoms and ...

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